Our compromised media. Commerce Secretary not drunk or stoned

Initial reports on Commerce Secretary John Bryson being involved in what is now felony hit and run said drugs and alcohol appeared to not be involved when toxological reports have yet to be released.

This isn’t reporting, it’s passing along White House press spin without examination and pretending to be an independent media.

As one who has been clean and sober many years and who wasn’t always that way, I would be astonished if someone who hit two cars then was found passed out at the wheel wasn’t drunk. At the very least, media shouldn’t report alcohol and drugs were not involved when they have no proof.


  1. Should hou have used the term “felony”. All the crime novels I read it is a “homicide” until charges are filed (or some such) then it is manslaughter, 1st degree etc. Wouldn’t it be “a traffic violation” until things move further along. Where did you get the idea to label the traffic violation a “felony.” The real problem of course is the “media” need for instant everything.

  2. Let me tell you a funny story: a story about how I, suffering from narcolepsy, had to explain to a reservation cop what I was doing in that pasture, and wasn’t real sure that swerving to avoid a sandworm from Dune while driving in a catatonic seizure was really a good idea.

    As one who has lived all three sides of the issue, I would mostly agree. Bob, but for that one aberration.

    • I agree that weird things can happen. Maybe I should have been clearer. No media at first even questioned the story or said that toxicological reports hadn’t been released yet.

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