Fluffy and Squeaker have been adopted

Two of our foster cats were adopted this weekend at a Maine Coon Adoption event, which was part of the massive Maddie’s Fund adoption extravaganza this weekend in the SF Bay Area.

Fluffy and Squeaker are sisters and were found abandoned and traumatized by the side of a road in Utah when just six weeks old. It’s fair to assume their mother and siblings were dumped with them and they probably saw them get killed.

We’ve had them more than a year. It’s tough to adopt out animals in southern Utah because of the economy. But things are better in the Bay Area. I will miss them. But Maine Coon Adoptions does a fine job of screening those who want to adopt. A soon to be ex-Marine walked in and said I want two shy cats who will warm up to me after they realize I’m nice. Squeaker and Fluff will soon be off to their forever home in what looks like a perfect match!

Here they are just after we got them. They were terrified and sat huddled on the bed holding each other.
A few months later they looked adorable and were much more relaxed
Bigger and healthier!
Full grown