Inadvertent comedy from conservatives. Obama is Wall Street stooge

Conservative groups paint President Obama as Wall Street stooge


“Public Equity President Obama played Wall Street games with our money,” the attack ad squeals, conveniently forgetting that the real estate bubble and bust was backed by the government under Bush as well as by Alan Greenspan and many other Republicans.

When it comes to Wall Street, Obama and Romney are indistinguishable. Both favoring continual and unending bailouts of the banksters while making lip service to helping the economy at large. The big banks are allowed to make up their own numbers, given free passes by law enforcement, borrow money from the government at 0.1% then buy treasuries for a risk free investment or blow it in spectacular manner like JPMorgan just did on that insanely risky trade. None of this helps Main Street. Obama and Romney would have to know that and clearly don’t care.


  1. In fairness to Obama, the folks on Wall Street don’t seem to regard them as indistinguishable.

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