No entity can bailout Europe. Prepare for the implosion

Paraphrasing from Zero Hedge

  • The ECB has no more to lend
  • The Fed cannot step in
  • The IMF can’t do it because of political blowback here
  • Germany has had it and is tapped out. They and ECB are preparing for EU breakup and are now intent on protecting themselves
  • China’s economy is slowing. So they can’t do it either
  • Spain is cratering

Anyone who has some kind of counter-argument to these points either doesn’t understand the political environment we’ve entered (even Central Banks are fed up with bowing to political pressure from politicians) or is simply hoping that by ignoring these realities they (the realities) will go away.

They won’t. Europe’s banking system as a whole is at risk a la 2008. And it’s nearly four times the size of the US banking system.

The fightback has begun. Merkel’s policy of austerity is increasingly untenable and is the rule of the banksters.

Make no mistake, this could be a long, hot summer in many ways. A collapsing EU will push the world economy into another serious recession.

There is another way. Countries default on their bonds. The corrupt and insolvent entities comprising the international banking system are allowed to die so new ones can be born. The bankers and politicians responsible for the mess are put in prison. This would make a good start. It will be tumultuous and painful too. But the alternative is debt slavery by the most of the world to a tiny few, most of whom are little more than criminals and parasites.

Yes, the stakes are that high. We all need to prepare for the coming economic turmoil which by contrast the past few bad years were just a warm-up. The main act is coming. Expect governments to collapse and serious riots to break out all over the world.

The bankers will find they are few in numbers and will be deserted by most of the politicians.