Ed Asner is now a Truther

And KPFK, a once great radio station, announces it with truly hideous graphics and layout.

No Truther has ever been able to justify their huge leap from “there are some anomalies in the official 9/11 story” to “George Bush ordered it.”

And now Ed Asner, a dedicated warrior for the left, has jumped down that rabbit hole too.


  1. If I told you that a local catastrophe in your home town, that just happened 20 minutes ago, was caused by a man in a cave half way around the world, and presented pictures of all the people involved right then, would you believe me?  Why is it wrong to disbelieve the same thing when done by a government that didn’t see it coming despite months of foreign intelligence agencies telling them about it?

    Believing that the view of the Catholic Church doesn’t make you an atheist, it makes you a non-Catholic.  You can be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, of dozens of other options.  Labeling everyone who disbelieves the government’s conspiracy theory (which has next to no factual evidence, and is still a theory) as a “Truther” and saying they all believe “Bush did it” is no better than the other side.  Sorry, but there are plenty of questions that need answers.  If you can’t see that, then the issue isn’t with others, but with you.

  2. I don’t think George W Bush was that smart or that dumb to actually plan a 9/11 attack. I do believe that our government knew an attack was planned and they didn’t do anything to stop it. There is too much evidence that has been presented that suggests our government covered up what really went on and it’s hard to say that our government couldn’t have had a hand in allowing it to happen and knew absolutely nothing and we’ll never know the real truth as the person we have been told was responsible was not given a trial and instead was killed when we found out where he was hiding. The Seal team that killed him could have sneaked into the area and silently dispersed gas to knock everybody out and taken them all into custody. The problem as I see it with that kind of a plan is then Osama and his cohorts would be put on trial and a lot of evidence would come out that I don’t think the government would want us to know. Imagine for a second if it were true that our government knew and did nothing to stop it, and went so far as to cover up the fact that they did know? It wouldn’t be the first time there was a government cover up. I mean JFK was assassinated and we’re supposed to still believe it was done with a single bullet and a single gunman. So is it so far fetched that our own government may have had a hand in maybe not orchestrating 9/11, but there is evidence that suggests they played a hand in it, even if that involvement was to let it happen and not try and stop it.

    •  A better example would be the bombing at Pearl Harbor, where the US knew about the impending attack, and did nothing to stop it.  Several declassified documents both in the UK and US have shown clear indications that the intelligence community, and like FDR himself, knew it was going to happen.  But for decades there were “conspiracy theorists” who pointed to tons of speculative evidence that said we knew ahead of time.  They were mocked and ridiculed, but turns out they were right.  The US knew about it, and let it happen, both so it would be easier to motivate the country into going to war, and to hide the fact that the code had been cracked.  This was no different.  Who the true master-mind of the attack was is almost not important.  The fact that it was allowed to happen, in almost identical circumstances, is a big issue.

      • The “conspiracy theorists” have time immemorial have been mocked and ridiculed, yet it invariably turns
        out they were right.

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