Eve of Destruction for the Eurozone

Andy Carling, writing in New Europe.

Our leaders have, on left and right, pushed for an unregulated financial market, not realizing that if you let a bunch of psychopathic coke fiends loose with everybody’s money, it will end in tears.

Oh, I think our leaders knew quite well what a unregulated financial system would lead to, which would be vast enrichment for themselves and their class paid for by everyone else.

Eurozone crisis explained

A consequence of the EU response… was to create a vacuum of leadership, allowing Germany and France to dictate a policy of brutal austerity over 500 million people.

Pushing austerity and savage budget cuts has led the citizens to feel that they are the ones being punished – and it does feel like punishment – for the sins of the bankers and the political establishment.

You can’t build a lasting union if the poor and powerless are the ones who pay for the incompetence and worse, of the rich and powerful.

In a book about Vegas in the 1950’s, the authors quote a FBI agent who said, the mobsters aren’t smarter than everyone else , it’s just that they’ll do things the rest of us won’t. I would say that applies to most of the international banking system. And they are the enemies of the rest of us.