First offshore wind project in US cancelled. Sigh

A tiny fraction of Scottish offshore wind and six more turbines than the US has in total. (Credit:

Wind power company Gamesa has cancelled plans to installed a solitary wind turbine off the Virginia coast, citing regulatory uncertanties, lack of an offshore grid, expiration of tax credits, and difficulties in getting locations approved.

Other countries have ginormous offshore wind farms. The US still has not a single offshore wind turbine. This is yet another telling and sad example of our inability to get things done even as we bleat about our exceptionalism and support for entrepeneurship. Our words embarassingly no longer match the reality, which is that the United States is so convulsed by internal squabbling that little of consequence gets accomplished.

Scotland has multiple offshore wind farms with more coming and is well on its way to producing all its power from renewable sources. Why is it that they can do it and we can’t?


  1. Maybe they made the mistakes so others should make them?   Wind turbines have mostly been an economic and energy failure around the world over.  They WERE a political win for a long time until people started figuring out just how much these unsuccessful green energy ventures were costing them.  Recently, there’s been a serious draw back especially in Europe in both popularity and government financial support.

  2. You should be happy about this, wind farms are a huge waste of money.  Over here in Britain we’re wasting billions on these things.  They’re innefficient, uneconomical and despite being a renewable energy source, they’re actually not environmentally friendly at all.

  3. I think we should be investing in Permanent Magnetic energy generation technology. We wouldn’t need a grid as these generators could be made a tiny or as big depending on the output required. Imagine never having to charge your iphone for the next 100-200 years until the magnetic field totally collapses. Of course at that point, you simply replace the magnets with new ones. Imagine walking into a hospital and having plugs you can charge your phone for free while you are waiting, and actually being able to afford health insurance because you’re not paying that money to the electric company or a gas station. Two things I’d like to see if Obama gets re-elected is the legalization of marijuana for recreational and industrial use, and for permanent magnetic generators to be installed everywhere.

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