The left will have its chance in Europe

Ian Welch sums up the Greece and French elections in his usual succinct manner. Basically, the left will have its chance to force major changes but if it fails, the hard right will do it for them. Either way, the oligarchs are doomed.

Of course, some part of the elites will make a deal, and will survive. But some won’t.

As for the left, remember that the rich are, as a class, your enemies. Treat them as such, or they will make sure you fail.

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  1. The Left that is referred to in France is the same left that embraced DSK for President, that says a lot about their socialist principles, and as far as Greece is concerned the Left will be unable to form a government. So no Left in power in Europe to do their thing. Also you can look for new elections in Greece come June.

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