Obama signs pact to have troops in Afghanistan until 2024

In a bizarre move, the United States made its armed forces hostage to the uncertain future of Afghanistan when President Barack Obama signed a ten-year deal last week to continue an American military presence in Afghanistan after the end of its present Nato mandate all the way until 2024.

It’s not bizarre at all. The United States has an economy based on war and the two parties are in lockstep agreement on this, no matter how many troops come backed dead and maimed or if it bankrupts the country. The 1% profits mightily from war and it’s generally not their kids who get sent.


  1. Once the first vehicle that uses a permanent magnetic generator to perpetually power itself becomes a reality we’ll no longer bother with the Middle East as we won’t need the oil. Watch how US foreign policy changes so quickly when that happens and we don’t seem to care much about the terrorists as much as we do now. It’s all about the oil, but not about keeping the price down, it’s about driving the price up.

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