Military may put missiles on private roofs for London Olympics

More proof, if any be needed, of the derangement of the national security state and its ever-expanding tentacles.

Charlie Stross

If one of those things is ever fired, either in anger or by accident, it’ll shower white-hot supersonic shrapnel across the extremely crowded residential heart of a city.

Olympic security is out of control and irrational; the best solution would be to designate a permanent Olympic venue somewhere isolated — Diego Garcia would be a prime candidate — and hold the games there permanently so that they don’t endanger life, limb and civil liberties. Alas, that would reduce the corruption corporate sponsorship opportunities, and the games are entirely about milking the host nation for money these days.

The Daily Mail on "modern British policing" and preparation for the Olympics

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  1. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    Humor aside, as with all other corporate sports these are nothing but a vehicle for advertisement, indoctrination and propaganda. And as with all other corporate sports it is high time to outlaw them.

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