On dogs, Obama, and Romney

I think the whole faux outrage about presidential candidates and dogs is absurd on both sides. I could care less if Obama ate dog while a child in Kenya. We eat cows, something which Hindus think is revolting. Chinese, I hear, when they come to the States and discover cheese, sometimes wonder why anyone would eat something so vile.

As for Romney having a dog on the roof of the car, here in Utah people have dogs in the back of pickups when they’re doing 80 mph on the interstate. The dogs seem happy enough.

All of this provides fine cover for not discussing important issues. Instead, let’s slime and attack over trivialities.


  1. Pickups are a hair different.  Pickups have the cab breaking the headwind for them, and are designed to be flat and stable.  Roof mounts offer no protection from wind, and are rarely flat or stable.  Would you allow your kid to ride in the back of a truck?  Would you allow your kid to ride on the roof in a container?  If they’re that similar, why did you not just answer yes to both questions?

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