GSA and Secret Service scandals: Where’s the public virtue?

The misconduct of Secret Service agents and General Services Administration (GSA) workers must lead to reforms and better education of public workers about their special role.

Quaint concept that, isn’t it? D.C. lobbyists, corrupt congressmen, ATF agents who sell guns to drug cartels, a Federal Reserve who bails out crooked big banks, and Department of Energy loan adminstrators who give sweetheart deals to the politically-connected are most certainly having a jolly laugh that the rubes at The Christian¬†Science¬†Monitor think they should have “public virtue.”

The problem isn’t the mid-level workers. The problem is that high levels of government and business are infested with amoral jackals for whom “public virtue” is something to be mocked and ignored. The rot in our society is pervasive and much of it comes from the top.