Why liberalism is on life-support

Odd Man Out

Why do so many so-called liberal politicians in our time openly embrace cultural liberalism — i.e., equal rights for blacks, women, gays and other groups — while running like hell from the sort of economic liberalism that made the New Deal possible?

The Democratic Party as an institution has abandoned its New Deal principles and now differentiates itself from the Republican Party primarily on social issues. It isn’t interested in genuine economic or financial reform because party insiders and the liberals who support them benefit from our corrupt system as it exists now.

Another big problem is that liberals and the Democratic Party, having abandoned their support for workers, the poor, minorities, unions, and a level playing field,  mostly have no idea what they stand for. They have no real core values. But Republicans do.

And finally I must of course quote Big Bill Haywood, “a liberal is the guy who leaves the room when a fight starts.”

"Did you just say I'm a liberal?"