So where’s the recovery? I got friends who are hurting

A friend in Los Angeles is nearly homeless. Another friend has applied for jobs just about everywhere in the Oregon city he lives in. Others are working tirelessly to get jobs, clients, whatever just to keep money coming in.

These are not lazy people. They want work, not handouts. But while incomes for the top 1% soar, too many of the rest of us  are facing rough times and economic conditions that are not improving.

FYI for job hunters: Unemployment now in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming is minuscule. North Dakota has an unemployment rate of just 3.1%. Much of this is due to oil and gas drilling and I’m hearing they are desperate for workers. This includes support businesses too. This might be worth checking out if you need a job.


  1. So basically you’re saying I should move to North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wyoming, and get a job drilling for oil even though I don’t believe we need to drill more and in doing so while I might save myself from being homeless, I’ll at least be able to survive and hand off all my destruction and pollution I’m going to cause to the next generation since I’ll be long dead before it really causes a problem?

    • I didn’t say it was environmentally friendly just that jobs are available! 

      A friend here almost took a Wyoming oil job driving a truck supplying the rigs. $18 an hour, 60-70 hours a week, or about $1500 a week. He was making $10 an hour here on a 40 hour week. (He’s now working a road crew out of town, getting back every couple of weeks)

        • Until we figure out how to power vehicles without petroleum, we have to drill. But fracking and tar shale are particularly evil and should be banned, IMO. 

          • What about water? BMW already has a fleet of cars that run on water and has been doing testing on them for years now. Also magnetic generators make energy from nothing more than perpetually moving itself on it’s own power supply it generates. So you shouldn’t be saying “until we figure out” as we’ve already figured it out. Why it’s not happening right now is all the wealthy people who make their money from dirty energy. See, nobody in the coal or oil industry is going to give that up easily. They make too much money to give that up. Sell somebody a magnetic generator for their electric car and the only thing they need to pay for is basic maintenance once in a while, replacement parts as things break down over time, parking meters, speeding tickets, parking tickets, toll booth fees, and maybe a car wash now and then.

          • You mention magnetic generators a lot but never show any documentation for them. I’m thinking they just exist in your head. Ditto for cars that run on water.

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