Check your debit and credit card statements for fraud

The recent theft of 1.5 million credit card numbers means more fraud.

I just had $900 in fraudulent ATM charges (which have been reversed. In fact the credit card company spotted it and called me.) The thieves probably took my number, made a fraudulent card with it then withdrew the money. This is serious organized crime.


  1. They didn’t have my pin. They made a duplicate card and somehow got the pin changed to what they wanted. My pin is not written down anywhere and I had possession of the original card.

    The bank noticed a $400 ATM withdrawal in L.A. ten minutes prior to me using the card in Utah. My transaction was declined and they called a few minutes later.

    • I’d change credit card providers and even banks if they can’t seem to give notice to you through a voice, text, or email that your pin was changed. The second the pin was changed if you got a notice you could have put a stop to the fraud with a single phone call before any transactions could have been completed.

      • Or maybe they thought the PIN code change was from me or they had someone on the inside. I suppose it’s possible a restaurant, for example, would have my cc number and an employee saw me enter the pin. I dunno.

        Whomever is doing this are not amateurs.

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