The Billy Smolinski case. Eight years with no answers

The Billy Smolinski missing person / homicide case in CT is a tale of police negligence and malfeasance, challenged by citizen action, public commentary and investigative reporting.

Eight years into the case, it now appears efforts are being coordinated by Connecticut’s Deputy Chief State’s Attorney, Len Boyle, a former federal prosecutor and state police commissioner. It remains to be seen whether all the local, state and federal agencies who have information on the case will share it and solve what seems to be an eminently solvable case.

I’ve been following the case for the New Haven Register.

Law enforcement makes new promises

Nurse says she saw his truck around time of disappearance

3 thoughts on “The Billy Smolinski case. Eight years with no answers

      1. I read it, and I still doubt it.  Sounds like someone looking for 15 seconds of fame!
        8 years later, she knows exactly what day and time the autos drove by.  Ridiculous!

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