Mitch Kapor. Back in the day

In the pre-Internet early 1970’s, a loose network of rock music fans kept in contact via self-published magazines called fanzines of which the mothership was Greg Shaw‘s Who Put The Bomp.

Easy Access was one such fanzine. I subscribed to it (and later had my own zine called Street Life.) One day Easy Access disappeared. Editor Mitch Kapor went on to design seminal PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 and founded Lotus Development which eventually was sold to IBM. Kapor then co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which tirelessly guards our freedoms on the net, and is now a leading VC in Silicon Valley. He is one of the good guys. That’s him on the cover of Easy Access.

Looking at the cover got me thinking about entrepreneurship and start-ups. You try one thing, and if that doesn’t work or something else comes along then you explore that too. It’s also about focus and enthusiasm. And who knows what idea will get traction?