“High hopes for Lowline” under the streets of New York

The site of the proposed LowLine – a disused trolley terminal on the Lower East Side, New York. (Photograph: Delancy Underground)

Fundraising for the LowLine (a park proposed for an abandoned underground space in the Lower East Side that I posted about here) has been a success–more than 3,000 people have donated money to help the project get started.

The deadline closes at 5.46pm on Friday [April 6th], with the initial $100,000 target easily surpassed. By far the most pledges have been for between $10 and $50.

Dan Barasch and James Ramsey will then be able to get to work on the first stage of the LowLine – a scale model of the park, constructed in an abandoned warehouse steps away from the underground location

“We’re tremendously delighted that what we’ve been able to do is get a pretty significant amount of online enthusiasm for the idea,” Barasch said.

This 1.5 acre space was originally constructed in 1903 as part of the NYC trolley service which ended in 1948 and it’s been vacant ever since. It is located in a crowded neighborhood that is one of the oldest in the United States.

For more about the project, here’s some video, and a closer look at the solar lighting system designed by James Ramsey,