New Orleans police get stiff sentences in Katrina killings

Four alleged humans and former NOPD officers were sentenced to decades in prison for killing unarmed civilians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Robert Faulcon got 65 years for shotgunning a man in the back while Kenneth Bowen got 40 years for spraying AK-47 fire at cowering civilians. A fifth officer got 6 years for participating in the coverup.

This wasn’t racial. Faulcon and another officer are black. No one has ever determined a motive for these sickening killings. That’s what’s always stupefied me. Why did they do it? Perhaps they are depraved individuals and their mask of civilization finally cracked. Because I really can’t think of any other answer.

This was a federal prosecution, initiated after NOPD did their best to cover up the killings and slime the dead and injured. Thus the officers will do the vast bulk of their time.

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  1. People with issues are generally drawn to positions of power.  It gives them the opportunity to not only do the things they want, but in many cases a way to get away with it.  This is true of any position of power, be that policeman, priest, or senator.

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