Yahoo fires thousands, circles the drain

Yahoo once owned the web and is now clueless and disintegrating. Firing 15% of their work force won’t help. They’v already outsourced their once fabled search engine to Microsoft Bing.

Two small examples of how Yahoo doesn’t get it.

  • Yahoo Mail has a non-existent spam catcher. I get dozens of spam emails in my inbox ay Yahoo and virtually none at Google Gmail. And Gmail is free, Yahoo Mail isn’t.
  • Their tech support phone answers with that loud “Ya-hoo” scream that was semi-cute fifteen years but now is painfully outdated. Living in the past?

In a world where Google and Facebook will eat your lunch in a millisecond, Yahoo remains almost willfully resistant to change and innovation, running on fumes and past glory.


  1. Their best bet is if somebody buys them and throws a bunch of top notch talent into their search problems and problems with their products in general.

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