George Clooney witnesses war crimes in Sudan’s Nuba mountains

Actor George Clooney went to the ethnic cleansing zone in Sudan and is funding the highly innovative idea of using satellite surveillance to document war crimes.


In a recent trip across the Sudanese border into rebel-held territory in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains, George Clooney witnessed rocket attacks and the effects of aerial bombardment by the Sudanese regime against the Nuban people. This trip diary was written and directed by George Clooney in the field with the Enough Project.

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George Clooney believes that he has found evidence of the Sudanese government murdering its own citizens. Using images from space satellites, the Hollywood actor, with help from the Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), documented crimes against humanity taking place in sub-Saharan Africa.

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The alternative is to directly send people to sites where atrocities are taking place …. an alternative that is extremely dangerous in the best of times, and (if successful) limited in what they will be able to document. For the moment …. George Clooney’s use of images from space satellites is the best option …. and one that has so far proven to be extremely successful.