The Creepy-State cometh. Congress tries to outlaw dissent

"Free speech zone." DNC 2004. Today, they put these pens miles away from the event. Feel safer? Or freer?

Zenpundit nails it about the the new law that deliberately shreds civil liberties and stifles dissent.

Congress passed a law – by unanimous consent in the Senate and by a suspension of rules in the House – to permit the Federal government to arbitrarily arrest and imprison for up to ten years members of the serf class (formerly known as “American citizens”)

Only three members of Congress voted against this Orwellian obscenity and all of them are Republicans (one was Ron Paul.) Not a single Democrat voted against it, not one.

We have reached the point where we as Americans need to stop, step back from moment by moment fixation on nonsensical, “white noise” fake political issues like “contraception” ginned up to keep the partisans distracted and become seriously involved in determining the direction in which our nation is headed. Our elite are telegraphing their strong preference for a “soft dictatorship” but we still have time to check their ambitions and rein in their looting.

Sure, social issues can be important. But issues like freedom of speech, enforcing the rule of law, and not letting banksters run the government and loot the middle class are vastly more important. Plus, social issues are cynically and deliberately used as distractions by both parties to keep the populace from focusing on the real problem, which is criminality in high places aided and abetted by the government.

Yes, we do still have time. As a leftie who currently lives in southern Utah, I’m struck by how much in agreement the various political sides are once you get past social issues. There are plenty of Utah cowboys who agree with Zenpundit, as well as many lefties too. (Not liberals though, who generally are wed to the corporate state and are mostly useless anyway.)

I think the run-up to the elections could be something like Chicago ’68 but on both sides. The White House just moved the G8 summit from Chicago to Camp David. People are increasingly pissed and the White House knows it.

It is almost quaint these days to pick up Friedrich von Hayek’s classic, The Road to Serfdom and thumb through it. The libertarian antistatists of the 20th century were so focused on the clear and present dangers of totalitarianism that the idea of a weak state that endangered liberty through a mixture of corruption and regulatory capture eluded them.

The Creepy-state is not there to protect you or give you a higher standard of living or ensure justice or democracy, but to maintain a hierarchical public order from “disruption” (formerly known as “politics” or “democracy”

The elites are clearly now terrified of the masses. And for good reason.

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  1. I’m surprised that W never thought of moving the G8 to an unassailable spot like that. Perhaps they wanted to produce domestic terror boogeymen for media consumption, to justify the militarization of our police?

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