Oh, the places you’ll go*

Reading the News, Texas, 1907. Erwin Evans Smith, American (Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.)

We all have blogs we visit which have become a part of our daily lives (besides this one, of course). Here are several of mine:

Lawyers, Guns and Money and Balkinization are two of my favorite legal sites.

Dead Confederates is, to my mind, the gold standard for serious, historically-based American Civil War blogging (and his blog roll is awesome).

Jay Smooth doesn’t post very often to his video blog Ill Doctrine, but it always makes my day when he does. Be sure to check out his song “Phony” about Mitt Romney.

You’re phony it’s never been disputable
You look phony in every interview you do
You look phony at weddings and at funerals
You even look phony singing America the Beautiful

Another intermittent blogger, Gregory Djerejian, always produces thoughtful posts at The Belgravia Dispatch.

What are some of your favorites?

*Title stolen from Dr Seuss