San Jose Fry’s Electronics

Whenever I’m in Silicon Valley I always make a pilgrimage to Fry’s Electronics. Because no other electronics chain even comes close to the geek wonderland that is Frys.

Every store has a separate theme. This one is Mayan / Aztec. You want laptops? They’ve got about fifty models, plus every gadget, adapter, cable, and electronic doohickey anyone could want, and TVs, stereos, GPS, cell phones, etc, as well.

I bought a TP-LINK portable router for those times when there may be a wired connection but no wireless (as just happened at a cousin’s house.) It also functions as a router and repeater.


  1. Fry’s also put Tower Video in downtown Sacramento out of business. I’m sad about losing Tower Video, but the selection of DVDs at Fry’s is phenomenal for those who don’t want to order from Amazon.

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