It’s official, White House is afraid of the people, protests

G8 Chicago Summit canceled, moved To Camp David

Making the White House’s sudden announcement all the more curious is the fact that Obama rarely spends time at this presidential retreat in nearby Maryland. Unlike many of his predecessors, Obama has never hosted a world leader at Camp David.

A highly paid White House dissembler said the abrupt decision had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with possible protests. Right…


  1. Not canceled, moved to Camp David. And it isn’t the White House that is afraid, it’s our corporate masters.

    I think this summer is going to make Watts ’65, Chicago ’68, and AIM ’75 look like a Sunday picnic.

    Though I won’t be the one bean-bagged, tear-gassed and stepped on by a horse. Again.

    • Agreed on both counts.

      Ah yes, that wondrous mixture of aromas that will always remind me of the 1960’s; the smell of marijuana mixed in with tear gas…

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