If you’re happy and you know it, clank your chains

HR 341: One more step towards Neo-Feudalism

In feudal times, you could be put to death if you didn’t kneel when the carriages of the nobility passed by. This is a step in that direction (although very few people care). ‘

A new biil, about to become law, makes it illegal to be around anyone with Secret Service protection even if you don’t know they are there. You read that right.

To be arrested and imprisoned, all you need to do is be the same building or area around a person that has secret service protection. You don’t even need to know they are there to be arrested and imprisoned.

I can see these future historians now: pouring over the output from software systems that cull trends out massive social media repositories. Some will be shaking their heads, asking themselves: what were those numbskulls in the early 21st Century thinking about when their governments began to hollow out? Why were they so passive as things began to fall apart?

I doubt the passivity will last much longer.