Bill Maher: Obama ‘could absolutely lose’ reelection

Maher pledges $1 million to Obama, says rich liberals need to give big else Obama will be outspent. Absent from his plea is any discussion of issues. It’s all about the 1% donating to the corruption that is Super PACs in hopes of defeating the other side. But this is no solution at all. Maher says nothing about stopping our endless wars or enforcing existing laws against corporate criminals.

Yes, there are real differences between the two parties, but primarily on social issues. Unless we end the wars and institute rule of law for all here, these social issues become meaningless and are just distraction. The wars are bankrupting the country as are the banksters, with their uninterrupted plunder of the middle class while a complicit and bought Washington does little to stop them. This country is in danger of becoming a bankrupt banana republic and only a fool thinks Obama will do anything to change that.

But yes, liberals are way over-confident and smug. Obama could very easily lose.


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