Bill Gates answers questions about the Gates Foundation

Question: Do you ever see the Gates Foundation work complete? Do you have an exit plan? An end goal?

Bill Gates: We do hope to complete our work. Over the next 15 or 20 years, we hope to see malaria eradicated, an AIDS vaccine delivered, and a lot of our other health goals achieved. We’re working to help make vaccines very cheap over time, so that health improvements can be self-sustaining. So that’s an exit plan.

There will still probably be quite a lot to do to improve the health of the poorest, so I expect that health will be our foundation’s top focus for the rest of my life. Twenty years after Melinda and I aren’t around to help guide it, the foundation will spend all its money and go out of business. So that’s our ultimate exit plan.

We need about a hundred more billionaires like him.


  1. Yes, the perefect world, benevolent billionaires, compassionate capitalism and moral markets. The system just needs a few wee tweaks here and there.

  2. We need no more billionaires. While they’re around, sure, it’s great to see them improve peoples’ lives. But those people probably wouldn’t be suffering in the first place if other individuals couldn’t acquire so much wealth and power.

  3. Could the companies not all run as co-operatives, from the very small to the very large? The only real wealth is people and what they produce and this can be done without billionaires, think about it, what is money?

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