Protest neo-Nazis in Glascow

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It would appear that the Scottish Defence League (SDL) intend to hold a “static” demonstration somewhere in the centre of Glasgow on Saturday February 25. It is up to the Glasgow citizens to turn up in their hundreds and show their disgust and hatred of this fascist off-shoot of the English Defence League/ BNP Nazi grouping.


  1. Thanks for the post Bob, sadly the link doesn’t seem to work.

  2. When the neo-nazis proposed to visit here, where we have a particularly eclectic population of clowns and bangers of bongos, I mounted an effort to organize participation in their little parade: dress up a bunch of people as clowns and dance around the fools blowing whistles and banging on bongos while they march.

    They chose to “march” elsewhere.

    Caveat: a bunch of homies – old loggers, ranchers, mill-hands and “motorcycle enthusiasts” – veterans nearly all, hunters, fishers, fighters and f*ckers, also had some “proposals” of how best to deal with the impending visit…

  3. Over here there has been a rise in the activity of the fascist Scottish Defence League, an off shoot of the English Defence League, an associate group of the BNP Nazi party. There have been small groups that just pop up and attack some of the political stalls in the centre of the city, recently the Friends of Palestine stall and the CP stall were trashed. One of our comrades was beaten up while selling his paper, over here they don’t just march, so we always try to confront them with numbers. Today we had the numbers which as encouraging, we had groups standing by the various political stalls in town. Their “static” demostration was mainly kettled by the police and the obvious numbers around the stalls probably stopped any full frontal attack. These people are vicious and brutal but cowardly, we will not allow them to intimidate the various political stalls that come onto our streets every Saturday afternoon.
    PS: Thanks for fixing the link.

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