Community radio shows by Polizeros contributors

Ten Bears co-hosts Breakfast in Bend on KPOV 88.9 High Desert Community Radio, Friday morning 7-8 AM PT. Bend OR.

Wake up to Breakfast in Bend, our very own local morning show. Hear interviews, news, talk and music with hosts Tristan, Thom, and Phil – providing a community perspective you can only find on your community radio station

Richard Estes hosts Speaking in Tongues on KDSV 90.3 Independent Community Freeform Radio, Friday 5-6PM PT in the Sacramento / Davis CA area.

Social commentary and interviews with people directly involved in struggles related to anti-imperialism, civil rights, the environment and the workplace, with an emphasis upon anti-authoritarian practice. Sacramento CA.


  1. thanks!

    the students who run KDVS (sans any academic advisor!) believe that 50% of the station’s audience listens over the Internet

    it’s not an insignificant point, because FCC rules actually don’t apply to broadcast over the Net

    programmers had fun with that when we had to repair the transmitter a couple of years ago

  2. Thanks Bob, appreciate it.

    Yawl’ out there in Internet listen up! I mix up a little weather with some local yet topical to the inter-mountain west activism and a dash of science news – even been known to play a Roy Rogers tune or two. Archives Saturday at 4am,

    We’re seeing somewhere between ten and twelve percent streaming. And eyaw, we had some fun with that a time or two – like where I took a Mac up to the transmitter and plugged ‘er in, ran the broadcast off of the Internet. But it is never-the-less important to meet FCC for the wider implication of broadcast: as a community communications medium in the advent of an emergency (like a volcano or big forest-fire). That and I for one derive a great deal of pleasure in thoroughly cursing someone out while never resorting to profanity.

    The only good thing I have to say about George AWOL Bush. He didn’t know it at the time and he certainly didn’t intend to – his intent was to open these up to religous wackos – but he opened up low power FM to the public.

    • The Internet has been huge for radio. Now people can listen wherever they are. One of the first stations to jump on this big time was KCRW in Santa Monica. I used to volunteer there when this intertubes thing started catching on.

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