On Egypt arresting NGO staff


Michael Collins at The Agonist details how our tax dollars fund supposedly non-partisan NGOs that somehow always end up meddling in the internal political affairs of other countries.

Here’s how it works. A sovereign state receiving aid or otherwise under the influence of the United States is required to open up to NGOs from the United States funded by the U.S. government. The pass through organization, NED, serves as the cutout that allows the various NGOs to look independent. But they’re not.

When the host nation has a crisis and the NGOs get a little too involved, the host nation must tolerate this interference without complaint. Egypt’s government had enough over the past few months.

That’s why Egypt recently arrested several Americans working for NGOs, one of whom is the son of the Sec. of Transportation. Of course the NGOs are just gobsmacked that anyone might think their intentions are as pure as the driven snow.