Sam LaHood, US NGO workers indicted in Egypt

Sam LaHood. 2009

19 Americans are charged with plotting to overthrow the Egyptian government , including Sam LaHood, son of US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood,

Alexander Higgins

To be clear, it is illegal for for organizations to conduct in political activities in Egypt. These organizations were operating under the front of doing community based civil work. Further they were working without permits, which is also illegal, and without work visas to avoid detection. They were also bringing foreign (U.S) money into Egypt with out a permit to so and then using those funds in a manner illegal in Egypt.

Sam LaHood works for the International Republican Institute. Their appropriately vague Egypt mission statement consists of ‘political party and candidate strengthening’ and ‘civil society strengthening. Higgins believes this is not permissible for outside groups to do in Egypt. Egyptian authorities certainly think so too.

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  1. I believe it is the usual West interfering in the politics of another country in the usual under hand manner. Are there not enough political problems in America. A bit like Western evangelists leaving the West to push their religious view down the throats of other countries. Do they not have enough “disbelievers” in their own country to keep them busy. I know they dress it up as a helping hand, but it is still trying to instil an alien culture on others. So with these guys, they were trying to push their own political agenda dressed up as something else.

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