Don’t blame China for our own solar power incompetence

For years we did a very good job at hindering domestic solar development on our own. Thanks mostly to useless Washington bureaucrats and the special interests that have long controlled them.

As a result, China beat us to the punch. And they’re doing it again with wind energy, too.

Do we really need a trade war with China? Tens of thousands of US jobs could be lost if punitive tariffs on Chinese solar power equipment are instituted.

China subsidizes their solar power industry. The US does too. For a country that bleats incessantly about the wonders of capitalism, we sure are quick to howl when someone beats us at our own game. “Those who can no longer innovate, litigate.”

Right now this country is stuck. Nothing of substance is getting done because our internal politics are so divisive. Meanwhile, the rest of the planet is zipping ahead of us.