Amphetamine psychosis in the meth capital of US

A 23 year old Fresno, CA mother shot her two toddlers, cousin, husband, and herself after smoking meth. It’s called amphetamine psychosis, and it’s beyond ugly.

The Central Valley of California is a hub for meth distribution. Rural areas are good for cooking meth in and some fertilizers are precursors. I-5 and State Rt 99 are major north-south arteries and go through the Central Valley.

“Once people who are on meth become psychotic, they are very dangerous,” said Dr. Alex Stalcup, who treated Haight Ashbury heroin users in the 1960s, but now researches meth and works with addicts in the San Francisco Bay Area suburbs. “They’re completely bonkers; they’re nuts. We’re talking about very extreme alterations of normal brain function. Once someone becomes triggered to violence, there aren’t any limits or boundaries.”

It’s called tweak now not speed but what Canned Heat says still stands. I was addicted to meth for a couple of years in the late 60’s. Speed kills.

Canned Heat – Amphetamine Annie

Wanna tell you all a story, about this chick I know.
They call her Amphetamine Annie, and she’s always shovelin’ snow.
I sat her down and told her, I told her crystal clear
I don’t mind you gettin’ high but there’s one thing you should fear
Your mind might think it’s flyin’ baby on those little pills
But you ought to know it’s dyin’, cause – speed kills!

But Annie kept on speedin’, her health was gettin’ poor
She saw things in the window, she heard things at the door
Her mouth was like a grindin’ mill, her lips where cracked and sore
Her skin was turnin’ yellow, I just couldn’t take it no more
She thought her mind was flyin’ on those litte pills
She didn’t know it was going down fast, cause – speed kills!