P-Squared. It’s an education

Help Polizeros pal Wood finish P-Squared. He’s crowd-sourcing it.

‘You will eventually have to realise,’ says Symons, ‘that management in higher education is not wholly about murdering people.’ ‘You’re half right,’ says Sian. ‘It’s about murdering people in the correct order.’

Ӣ A novel!
Ӣ Cinematic and action-packed!
Ӣ Bitterly satirical and stuffed with blacker-than-black comedy!
Ӣ Only half finished!

In P Squared, an office temp known only as P gets a job in the administrative unit of an all-too-possible provincial university where the cuts are made with real knives.
Caught up in the machinations of a sociopathic colleague whose only goal is to murder her way to the top, P struggles to maintain her humanity in a post-Cameron educational environment where a “value-based student experience” is maintained by picking off latecomers with a sniper rifle. Will P manage to survive? Who is P anyway, and what’s the deeper connection between our protagonist and her murderous young colleague?

Imagine the frothing bastard child of Robocop, Minority Report and The Times Higher Education Supplement. You’re about two-thirds of the way there.

P SQUARED contains:
Ӣ Bitter, brutal five-minutes-from-now satire!
Ӣ A hot office temp protagonist!
Ӣ Beat-you-over-the-head political satire!
Ӣ Sex (all legal varieties and some illegal ones)!
Ӣ People getting shot!
Ӣ Explosions!
Ӣ Swearing!
Ӣ Ridiculously complex plot twists!

Excerpts online!