How the 1% works. Lightsquared wants GPS exempted from rules

This is the attitude of the 1%. Screw everyone and everything but us. And we don’t care who gets hurt as long as we billionaires make more money.

A multi-billion dollar gamble by Lightsquared is about to become worthless. The FCC has said that their wireless would interfere with GPS. So now Lightsquared wants GPS exempted from the rules. I doubt they will get the exemption. But this is indicative of the greed and disregard for the public good that most of the 1% have.

Last Friday, one year and a day after the Federal Communications Commission told startup broadband wireless carrier LightSquared it could not begin operations until it demonstrated its network did not cause interference with Global Positioning System receivers, the agency kicked off a review process requested by the company to determine whether GPS receivers are entitled to such protection.