Gnomies. Are you one?

Gnomies is Chis Pirillo’s latest project.

Do you love being treated like a VIP? Do you love receiving exclusive offers? Do you love getting your questions answered? It’s time to become a registered Gnomie. This is for everybody, no matter your level of expertise or professional background.

Since 1996, Chris Pirillo and his crew have been sharing their intelligence openly. We are now set to offer a set of unique experiences to a select, international group of people who want to enhance their personal and professional lives. We’re offering a tremendous amount of value for geeks and non-geeks alike! This is a premium networking community – the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Pirillo has a way of being in front of and shaping what is happening in tech and the Internet. For example, I was at his Gnomedex conference in 2005  which was focused on podcasting when not many knew what it was. Now, seven years later, podcasting is mainstream.

Gnomies is worth the price. The private Facebook group has a wealth of useful information. A new LinkedIn group is more specifically for business. There’s IRC chat for gabbing as well as special deals. And it’s just a couple of weeks old. Imagine where it will be in six months.