Caucasian Shepherd dog. And you thought Rottweillers were badass

Huge, savage to strangers, the Caucasian Shepherd requires a firm, experienced owner. They ignore choke and electric collars and have been bred to guard their tribe and attack anything that intrudes.They can be 6 feet long and weigh 180 lbs.

Caucasian Shepherds are very brave, alert and strong. They should be properly trained and socialised. This breed has very strong guarding instincts. This dog will protect everyone and everything, which he considers as his family. This may include children, other dogs and even the family cats. You must understand one thing though. This dog will perceive rough child’s play between a family member and a friend to be a threat and its hardwired protect-the-flock genetics will immediately kick in!

A key point in training them is to teach them that intruders are the enemy only if their owner says they are.

They were also bred to hunt wolves and attack bears. I doubt even a mountain lion would mess with one.