Do you have a world-changing idea, asks Gates Foundation

Bill Gates previews his fourth annual letter and invites students around the world to submit their own letters addressing what they think is the world’s most pressing issue. Students can submit their letters to through February 2nd, 2012.

The Gates Foundation is spending billions finding a cure for malaria, improving sanitation in the third world, and boosting agriculture yields. I’m impressed.


  1. I think energy production is our most pressing concern. Everything we do requires energy, and to be able to produce that energy is a growing concern. I would like Bill Gates to do research into permanent magnetic generators. Imagine never having to plug in a car or a cell phone ever again or requiring an external source of power.

    • There must be some problem with permanent magnetic generators. Tens of billions are being invested in cleantech. I follow cleantech developments closely. There’s not a peep about it. It’s not a cover-up either. Much of the cleantech money comes from Silicon Valley and from people who made hundreds of millions in tech and want to finance cleantech breakthroughs.

  2. From an investment standpoint permanent magnetic generators are not the cash cow that cleantech is. If you eliminate the need of massive supplies of raw materials to make electricity, then you eliminate the investment potential. In other words, all those that are interested in cleantech aren’t talking about magnetic generators because they aren’t interested in energy production that they can’t continuously make a buck. If I invest in a coal mine, then I’m getting money for every piece of coal that comes out of the ground. There is nothing to power a magnetic generator except magnets. So the money to be made there is only on the generator itself. There also is no harm of pollution or explosion, so much that we wouldn’t need a grid at all where only energy companies could use magnetic generators. They could be small enough to fit in your house, your car, even tiny ones small enough for your cell phone or a watch. I think it’s about time you looked at all the videos on Youtube of permanent magnetic generators that people have built on their own. So the only problem I can think of is profitability, but then only if you are investing into cleantech.

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