Scotland aims for 100% renewable energy by 2020

Given their huge amounts of still untapped wind, wave, and tidal power, Scotland is well on its way to becoming the ‘Saudi Arabia of renewable energy.” Not only does Scotland plan to be 100% renewable energy by 2020, they’ll have plenty left over to sell.

This makes the looming issue of Scottish independence even more politically important.


  1. But will it mean that, I as a Scot, will be able to heat my house better in the winter, or will I still have to face massive fuel bills because it is all owned by the corporate world. The wind, waves and tide are all free, but the price of the energy keeps going up, well at least at my end of the deal.

    • In New England in the US, much heating is done with heating oil, leaving residents completely at the mercy of whatever the price is. When prices are high, heating bills of several hundred a month are common. This with the thermostat set at 65 too.

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