Microsoft is (coming) back

Why the Windows Phone will be a success. Microsoft is partnering with Nokia, have access to markets Android and Apple only dream of, and even Microsoft haters say the Windows Phone interface could be a game changer.

Windows 8 is innovative and different. It combines the traditional desktop and touch, and you can flip back and forth between them.

Windows 8 is a big risk to the consumer PC industry, and a lot is riding on it. Microsoft better get it ready like no other Windows before, and sell it the right way. I am excited by Windows 8 and the Metro interface, but I’m not who they need to sell. It’s all the people who haven’t even seen Windows Phone yet that they need to convince how good Windows 8 will be, and that’s most everyone.

After several years in the wilderness, Microsoft is back. They may never again be the Borg they once were. But they are poised for major growth and often are behind the curve for a while then come roaring back. Just ask Lotus, Novell, and Wordperfect about that. Never underestimate Microsoft.