And the worst state to retire in is…


The cost of living is steep and property taxes are stratospheric property taxes. Connecticut is not good place to live on a fixed income.


  1. every single human i’ve ever met from the east coast would say that you could cut the “on a fixed income” part of that sentence and still be entirely accurate.

    • Californians who complain about their property taxes have it comparatively easy. Connecticut property taxes use a complicated system whereby the town re-assesses the value every few years. The tax is based on 70% of assessed value and the mill rate, the percentage of the tax, can vary each year.

      For example, a home in Simsbury CT in 2007 with a 70% of assessed value of $230,000 had property taxes of $800 a MONTH. Yes, $800 a month. This is with well water, septic tank, volunteer fire department and you paid to have trash picked up. They do manage to plow the streets in winter without billing you extra for it.

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