“They are going to get the biggest riot the South has ever seen”

The Jefferson County AL bankruptcy was triggered by predatory Wall Street thugs and rampant corruption. Some residents now have water / sewage bills of $300 a month. Poor residents are getting porta-potties while wealthier ones are installing septic tanks. But with prices like that and the county owing huge amounts they can’t possibly pay, everyone who can leave, will, and no new businesses will move in. Thus, their downward spiral will continue.

“This is not even a race issue, if I’m telling the truth,” said Tyson. “It’s just so happens that it’s affecting black people. It’s a class issue. They don’t give a doo-doo about poor people period.”

The water prices keep going up too so Wall Street can continue gouging, even if it destroys an entire county. They are parasites and jackals.

County officials have gone to prison over this, but no banksters so far.