The day the constitution died

For expressions of outrage, it’s hard to beat Charley Pierce. Here he is talking about part of the $662 billion defense bill agreed to during Monday night’s House and Senate negotiations.

The fact remains that the Congress of the United States has now has given authority to the President of the United States — any President of the United States including, theoretically, President Bachmann — the right to detain American citizens in military custody without trial, and without anything that Juan Peron would have recognized as due process.

As Roy Skaggs III says in the comments:

So. The Constitution is being moved to the “Quaint and Curious Documents” reading room at the Smithsonian. All for the want of locked cockpit doors on four jet passenger aircraft. A lot can be accomplished when the spineless and the unscrupulous find themselves in league.



  1. I’ve lived a long hard life and there isn’t a lot out there I’m afraid of.

    “President Bachmann”, even theoretically, scares the suntan out of me.

  2. Obama better veto this NDAA turkey of a bill or he won’t get my vote come November. I can’t vote for any Republican and won’t vote for anyone who supports this bill so I might end up voting for a write-in unless someone of conscience runs.

    How the once mighty United States has fallen from grace. If passed, it will be a very, very sad day and one that will either lead to great things or lead to terrible times, indeed.

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