The US is hollowing out (quickly)

John Robb cites  the examples of Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson giving inside information to financial industry pals and John McCain sponsoring a bill to allow the military to detain citizens without a trial as proof, if any more be needed, that the corruption and degradation of our elites is creating a government that is hollowing out. In other words, pretty vacant,

[The hollow state] is merely a shell of a state that serves as a legal conduit and enforcement mechanisms for global financial interests to loot what’s left of the state’s economy. Corruption and violence are its only traits.

If you aren’t scoping out or building your own Resilient Community to avoid this disaster, you should be.

Liberals who persist in their delusion of blaming all this on Bush, please get a clue. Corruption and violence is rampant in both parties. The solution isn’t to elect Democrats in the dim hope they’ll be less worse than Republicans. The Democratic Party is part of the problem.

Joining together into resilient communities plus working towards the coming, inevitable social upheaval are what will create the change we need. Change can not come from within the system. It must – and will – come from outside of it. The Arab Spring is a perfect example  of how that happens. The Tea Party and OWS are the leading edge of that change here.

I just spent a week with family in a retirement area in Arizona. When people in their 80’s are appalled at what is happening in the country, as many people there are, then something has shifted at a profound level in this country.  And that’s a good thing. Be encouraged.