US economic data reporting now officially a farce

Every economic data point prints 4+ std devs above consensus.

You would need to believe in the Tooth Fairy to accept this to be true. Or be one of those bizarre conflicted Democrats who says while Dems may be bad that Repubs are worse so Dems must be supported regardless. I’m sure they will try to blame these Ministry of Truth emanations from D.C. via Wall Street on the Republicans, just you wait.

It is now safe to say without any doubt that US data is equal if not more equal in credibility terms with that of China.


  1. Maybe because the sheep on Wall Street had a wrong consensus? Even if the gov were reporting 10 deviations over the mean estimate of the speculator herds why should I believe the banksters had it right?

    • Good point, although I’m guessing they mostly work together and are now trying to put a Happy Face on the disintegrating Eurozone catastrophe.

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