Message to SPLC from Montana ‘extremist’

The Montana Libery Movement responds to the SPLC slime of them.

The only real trick the SPLC seems to have up its sleeve is to constantly associate, directly or indirectly, every group that opposes corrupt state power as being racist or terrorist.

This is a legitimate criticism. SPLC does indeed view anti-government movements as inherently dangerous. By doing so they, inadvertently or not, support state power and the status quo. The Liberty Movement believes this to be quite deliberate and that SPLC is a “propaganda think tank” for DHS. Like David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars, SPLC attempts to set themselves up as the moral high ground. Shades of gray do not exist. They are correct, anything anti-government on the right is immediately and de facto evil and wrong. I find these analyses to be tedious and often wrong. For example, the original Tea Party is not racist at all. And it supports OWS. But you wouldn’t know that if you blanket all of them as being dangerous loonies.

The slime against the right is that they’re all racist, extremist, conspiracy nuts. This needs little modifying to slime the left , as Fox News and others do, saying we’re all commie, extremist, conspiracy nuts who need a bath. In both cases, threats to the existing order are denigrated and attacked and thus the status quo is implicitly supported. Minor criticisms are the system are permissible. Saying the whole thing is a corrupt mess and needs replacing isn’t.

Are some on the right racist? Sure. Just like some on the left are Marxist ideologues. So what? Their critiques of the corruption and venality in our government and financial sectors can still be quite correct. And of course many on both sides are neither racist or commies.

Without a doubt, the [Liberty Movement] relocation programs being instituted in the Northwest have struck a nerve. Large numbers of freedom oriented, intelligent, and talented individuals coming together to end participation in the rigged system and build something new? Of course they hate us! If we can set an example here, then millions of Liberty Movement participants around the country today might just follow it, or even improve upon it. Community without complacency has always been a threat to tyranny.

This sounds a lot like what John Robb talks about, banding together to form self-sufficient groups that are independent from our corrupt government with its disintegrating authority and ability to accomplish anything. Does SPLC think he’s a danger to the country too?