Something to ponder

Why do I hear the Benny Hill theme every time there’s more news from Greece?


  1. Having family connections with Greece I am disgusted at the way the Greek people are being sacrificed on the alter of greed to appease the corporate financial world, though this is no more than I would expect from this system. They have faced up to 30% wage cuts, pensions cut, massive tax increases, new property taxes introduced, VAT increases, health care cut by 40% and thousands of redundacies, and if they get the next batch of money they will be obliged to face even more severe “austerity” cuts. This will mean that the Greek people will face years of deprivation with very little hope of ever seeing anything but poverty for their kids and grandkids. It seems that the medicine is killing the patient. I heard on commentator state that if Greece defaults it will be extremely painful for Europe. Well if they do or don’t, it will be extremely painful for the Greek people for generations to come. I have nothing but sympathy for the Greek people, if you look at the number of hours worked, the Greek people work the longest hours in Europe, but they have never been the hghest paid, this whole system is nothing but corruption to feed the parasites. I believe that the only hope the Greek people have is to continually take to the streets and become completely ungovernable and perhaps from that they will devise a way of managing their country that has the people at its heart.

    • The whole crisis is precipitated by banksters who don’t want writedowns on the bonds and loans, and if national economies are destroyed because of it, oh well..

  2. Yes, banksters who don’t want writedowns on the bonds and loans, but with the complicity of the governments across the globe they are getting away with it, meanwhile we the public sit and wait for “OUR” government to come to our rescue and save us from the bad banksters. What a hope.

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