Greece wants referendum on debt, government shaky

Greek PM Papandreou has called for a referendum in Greece on austerity and bailout measures in a desperate attempt to gain support to enrich the bankster cartel.

Happily, his own government is revolting and a no-confidence vote is planned for Friday, causing banksters worldwide to squeal in panic.

Greece should default. Phuque the banks.

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  1. I don’t think he had any alternative, with the unrest across Greece at the moment, if he had accepted the bailout “offer”, then he would have had to heap more “austerity” on the Greek people and the country would have become ungovernable. If he rejected it, he would dead politically, and seen as the wrecker of the Euro. If the referendum goes ahead, and it is a big IF, and the people reject the bailout he can blame the people, his hands are tied, the people have spoken(Ha Ha), if the people decide at the last minute to back down and accept the deal, then he can come down as hard as he likes on the protest movement claiming they are acting against the will of the people. He’s a shrewed political animal.

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