Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Born in Chicago

This song grabbed the attention of many in 1965. The band started out being white boys from Chicago playing hardcore blues with an rock and roll edge. Later, seasoned black musicians joined, making them one of the first integrated bands of the era. They were completely accepted by black bluesman due to their virtuosity and sincerity and often played with them. Not a whole lot of other whites then knew what blues was. Sometimes they were the only white guys in the club.

To his huge credit, Butterfield told club owners who booked him, if you like my music, you must also book (the then mostly unknown) Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters. He really kicked down entry doors for them.

The guitar here is by Michael Bloomfield. Tragically, both he and Butterfield died before their time due to heroin.

“I was born in Chicago
in nineteen and forty-one
My father told me
Son, you had better get a gun”